What is CustomTone?

CustomTone is a place for you to trade Line 6 presets, and connect with other Line 6 users. It’s totally free so trade and download to your heart’s content.

How does it work?   

The basic idea is:


  1. Download the appropriate editor for your Line 6 hardware at and install it.
  2. Download tone(s) from CustomTone to your computer, i.e. your Desktop or Downloads folder, by clicking the “Get Tone” button.
  3. Open the tone(s) in your device’s editor.
  4. Save tone(s) to your device in the editor.


Before starting, set up your computer by downloading and installing the drivers for your device from

Find Tones

Use the dropdown menu above to search for the kinds of tones you want, then click the “Get Tone” button for those you want to download. A few notes:

  • Searching "All Products" may produce tones that are not compatible with your gear.
  • Checking "Show all compatible tones" may produce tones that are compatible with your gear but may have been created with different gear.
  • Bundle files contain the exact same number of tones as your hardware. You can choose to send all tones or selected tones to your hardware.
    • Send all tones - Use the Send Bundle button to send the bundle to your device. (This will completely reset your device's memory.)
    • Send selected tones - Use the Send Selected button to send individual tones to individual channel memories in your hardware.
    • Collection files show several folders when displayed on the left side of your product’s editor. To send selected tones to individual channel memories in your hardware, open a folder, highlight a tone, and press the Send Selected button.

Sort Tones

After searching for tones, you can sort them by clicking a column label (Style, Tone, Guitarist, etc.).

Icons and Alerts

The Pickup icon shows you whether a guitar tone is intended for single-coil pickups or humbuckers. The Tone Detail Alert icon appears when a tone has special features. Click the icon for details.

Submit Tones

You can submit tones to by clicking the "Upload Tones" button at the top of the page.