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Streamlined Amp & Effects Processor

The streamlined Helix® LT boasts the same dual-SHARC® processing and professional-quality HX® Modeling found in the flagship Helix Floor and Helix Rack amp and effects processors—outperforming all other products in its class. Features include a player-friendly interface with a large color LCD, capacitive-touch footswitches for easy editing, an onboard expression pedal, analog and digital I/O, and a USB audio interface.

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Front of Helix LT Back of Helix LT
Front of Helix LT


Press to rename or save changes made to the preset. Press twice to quick save.


Press to go deeper into Helix LT. You'll find Command Center, Global EQ, Global Settings, and other menus.


Turn to select presets. Press to open the Setlist view, where you can access up to 1,024 preset locations.


If you ever get lost, press this button to return to the Home screen. Press again to toggle between traditional Signal Flow view (shown) and Performance view.


Press to quickly jump to the tone stack parameters (Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, etc.) of any Amp+Cab, Amp, or Preamp models in the current preset. If your preset has more than one of these types of block, press multiple times to cycle through all tone stacks.

Main Display

This large color LCD is your window into the power of Helix LT. Most functions may be selected and edited without any menu diving.


Press to turn the selected block on and off.


Press to open the Action panel for the selected block or screen. From the Home screen, the Action panel lets you move, copy, paste, and clear blocks. Other screens may have unique Action panels. For example, the Global Settings Action panel lets you reset all global settings at once.


Move the joystick to navigate the main display. On the Home screen, move the joystick to select a block. Press Action and move the joystick to move the selected block. Turn the joystick to change the selected block’s model. Press the joystick to open the Model List.


If the selected block or item has more than one page of parameters, the center inspector line will display a thin colored scroll bar. Press < Page or Page > to view more parameters.


Turn to control the main output volume.

Knobs 1-6

Turn one of the six knobs below the main display to adjust the value of the parameter above it. Press the knob to reset the parameter value. If a rectangular button appears above a knob, press that knob to engage its function. Press and hold the knob to quickly jump to the Controller Assign page for that parameter.

Up/Down Switches

Press FS1 or FS7 to select the next or previous bank of presets. Press FS1 and FS7 simultaneously to enter Snapshot footswitch mode. Press and hold both FS1 and FS7 to cycle through Bank, Preset, and Snapshot Up/Down.

Preset Switches

While in Preset footswitch mode, press a footswitch to select a preset.

Stomp Switches

While in Stomp footswitch mode, press a footswitch to toggle its block(s) on and off. Touch a footswitch to select its assigned block or item. Touch it repeatedly to cycle through multiple assigned items. Press and hold the footswitch to assign it to the selected block. Press and hold two footswitches to swap all of their assignments.

Mode Switch

Press FS6 to toggle between Preset and Stomp footswitch modes. Press and hold it to enter Pedal Edit mode, which allows you to edit any block parameter with your feet (LEDs indicate which block/parameter is active).

Tap/Tuner Switch

Press two or more times to tap in the BPM (beats per minute) of any tempo-based effects such as delay or modulation. Press and hold for one second to open the Tuner.

Expression Pedal 1 (and 2)

The onboard expression pedal controls volume, wah, or any assigned parameter or parameters.

  • Save
  • Menu
  • Preset
  • Home/View
  • Amp
  • Main Display
  • Bypass
  • Action
  • Joystick
  • Page
  • Volume
  • Knobs 1-6
  • Up/Down Switches
  • Preset Switches
  • Stomp Switches
  • Mode Switch
  • Tap/Tuner Switch
  • Expression Pedal 1 (and 2)
Back of Helix LT

Exp Pedal 2/Ext Amp

An optional expression pedal can be connected to Helix LT and assigned to adjust nearly any parameter or parameters. Connect a traditional amp using a TS or TRS (1=tip, 2=ring) cable to switch amp channels and/or engage the amp’s reverb, tremolo, or other onboard effect.

Guitar In

Connect your instrument here. The variable input impedance and a selectable pad are digitally controlled.

Sends/Returns 1-2

These 1/4” inputs and outputs can be used as standard effects loops for inserting pedals and other external devices into your signal chain, or as additional inputs and outputs for connecting keyboards, drum machines, mixers, and other gear. Helix LT can process up to four musicians/instruments simultaneously (in stereo), with discrete inputs and outputs.

Ground Lift Switch

Press to eliminate hum and buzzing due to ground loops.

XLR Outs

Use XLR cables to connect to gear with balanced inputs, such as PA mixers, powered FRFR or PA speakers, and professional studio gear. When connecting in mono use only the Left/Mono XLR jack.

1/4" Outs

Use unbalanced (TS) 1/4” cables to connect to your amplifier, FRFR speaker(s), studio monitors, or other playback system. When using a single amp or speaker, connect only the Left/Mono 1/4” jack.

Phones Out

Connect stereo headphones here and use the Phones knob to adjust the volume.

Variax Input

Connecting a Line 6® Variax guitar to this input provides power to the guitar and facilitates remote effects control, instant preset recall, and digital audio transmission. Learn more about Variax here.


L6 LINK provides easy and optimal digital audio connectivity between Helix LT and Line 6 Powercab Plus active guitar speaker systems. Connect Helix LT to professional digital equipment using an AES/EBU (110-ohm XLR) cable.

MIDI In, Out/Thru

Connect Helix LT to your MIDI gear. Helix LT sends and receives Program Change, Continuous Controller, and other MIDI messages.


Helix LT functions as a multi-channel 24-bit/96kHz audio interface for Mac® and PC, with DI, re-amping, and MIDI capabilities built in. Helix LT can also record to an Apple® iPad® (with optional Apple Camera Connection Kit).


Connect Helix LT to a grounded AC power outlet.

Power Switch

Just in case you ever stop playing for more than a few hours.

  • Exp Pedal 2/Ext Amp
  • Guitar In
  • Sends/Returns 1-2
  • Ground Lift Switch
  • XLR Outs
  • 1/4" Outs
  • Phones Out
  • Variax Input
  • MIDI In, Out/Thru
  • USB
  • Power Switch
  • AC In


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