Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations. To surprise them with high-quality products that showcase new features and capabilities, backed by excellent service, inspiring them to create and perform in ways that were previously not possible.


We are passionately driven to achieve our customer-focused goals, thereby ensuring that our products will be the first choice of consumers everywhere.


People come first. We always strive to recognize our common humanity and to treat everyone whose world we touch with the same dignity and respect with which we treat our friends and family.


We are committed to the highest measure of excellence in every aspect of our business—from serving the individual customer to our role as a corporate citizen within the global community.


As musicians, we strive to continually reimagine how we do things, with the aim of enriching, simplifying, and sometimes entirely reinventing the way music is made.


We aim to always act with the greatest integrity and to make ethical choices that benefit our employees, our customers, and the environment, ever mindful of our responsibility to make the world a better place for everyone.