• Relay G10TII

    The Relay® G10TII transmitter is compatible with Relay G10 and G10S wireless systems, POD® Go Wireless, Spider® V/MkII 240HC, 240, 120, and 60 amplifiers, and Yamaha THR®-II Wireless amplifiers.

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  • FBV 3

    The FBV 3 gives you hands-free control of bank and preset selections, effects, and other functions, as well as an expression pedal for wah, volume, and pitch options.

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  • FBV Express MkII

    FBV Express MKII is a compact foot controller that features an integrated expression pedal for volume or wah, four preset switches, tap-tempo, and a chromatic tuner.

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  • FBV2

    FBV2 enables you to scroll through your first bank of presets and is small and light enough to easily be carried in a gig bag.

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  • EX-1 Expression Pedal

    Expand the expression pedal functionality of your Line 6 device even further with the EX-1.

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  • Spider V Covers

    Spider V amp covers are custom fitted to each amp and feature a handy storage pouch on the back for carrying accessories.

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  • Relay Instrument Wireless

    Professionals embrace Relay instrument wireless products because of their transparent sound, ease of use, and reliability—but we make Relay wireless products for all users. Line 6 practically invented digital wireless, so you can depend on Relay to provide high-quality sound free from interference, no matter who you are and where you play.

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