Spider® V 60 MkII is an ideal practice amp—but 60 watts of power and a built-in wireless receiver also make it great for playing small venues.

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  • Presets
  • Speaker Modes
  • Practice Tools
  • Free App & USB
  • Control


Input Jack

Plug your guitar in here. You can also recharge a Relay® G10T or G10TII wireless transmitter by inserting it into this jack.

Amp/FX Knob

AMP LAYER: Drive, Bass, Mid, and Treble controls.
FX LAYER: Comp, Reverb, and FX1, FX2, and FX3 controls.

Play/Pause Button

Start/stop metronome, drum loops, or guitar demo riffs.

Rotary/Push Button Knob

In Preset View, this knob controls the currently selected preset. Press and Hold to save.
In Edit View, use this knob to scroll through the Parameter List. Press it to select a parameter to edit, turn it to adjust the parameter value, then press it to return to scrolling.
In Playback View, use this knob to select different drum loops, demo riffs, or playback parameters.

EDIT Button

Press to open a preset and display its effect blocks and parameters for editing.


Tap this button in time with the music to set the tempo of delay and modulation effects. Press and hold to engage the Tuner.

Master Volume Knob

Sets the overall volume of the amplifier (or headphone volume when headphones are connected).

Phones Output

Connect a pair of stereo headphones here. The speakers are muted when headphones are connected. This jack also doubles as an additional direct output. Use a stereo TRS cable to connect to a mixer or recording device.

AMP and FX Buttons

Press either to select the AMP Layer or FX Layer.


Displays the current preset, knob positions, Smart FX values and the editor parameters.

Home Button

Press to return the LCD to the Home Screen from any menu.

  • Input Jack
  • Amp/FX Knob
  • Play/Pause Button
  • Rotary/Push Button Knob
  • EDIT Button
  • TAP/TUNER Button
  • Master Volume Knob
  • Phones Output
  • AMP and FX Buttons
  • LCD
  • Home Button

Power Switch

Turns the amplifier on/off.


The included power cable connects here. See the rear panel markings for electrical information.

USB A Port

Connect an iOS device here using a standard Lightning cable to update your amplifier's firmware, edit your tones with the free Spider Remote app, and record and play audio. The port will power your device.

USB Select Switch

Toggles between the USB-A and USB-B ports. Only one port may be used at a time.

USB B Port

Connect a Mac, PC, iOS, or Android device (using an OTG adapter if needed) to update your amplifier's firmware, edit your tones with the free Spider Remote app, and record and play audio.

FBV Pedal

Connect an optional FBV Controller here.

Aux in

Auxiliary audio input for routing sound directly into the power amp and speakers, bypassing the preamplifier section.

  • Power Switch
  • AC In
  • USB A Port
  • USB Select Switch
  • USB B Port
  • FBV Pedal
  • Aux in


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