• Spider V 240HC MkII

    Spider V 240HC MkII features built-in stereo speakers allowing standalone use. Combine it with a Spider V 412 cabinet to create a powerful 4x12 half stack.

  • Spider V 240 MkII

    Spider V 240 MkII is powerful enough to perform on any stage. Built-in wireless, XLR direct outputs, and other gig-friendly features enhance this outstanding amplifier.

  • Spider V 120 MkII

    Spider V 120 MkII provides enough power for most gigs, plus a built-in wireless receiver—but it also makes a great practice or rehearsal amp.

  • Spider V 60 MkII

    Spider V 60 MkII is an ideal practice amp—but 60 watts of power and a built-in wireless receiver also make it great for playing small venues.

  • Spider V 30 MkII

    Spider V 30 MkII is a great amp for practicing whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player—but it’s far more than a practice amp.

  • Spider V 20 MkII

    Spider V 20 MkII is the perfect practice amp for any guitarist—from beginners to seasoned professionals.